Intervention Effects of Jinkuishenqiwan Pills on the Kidney-yang Deficiency in Rats

Heliang Liu, Weihong Zhang, Jinshan Zhang, Wenyong Wang, Jun Qin, Bo Yang, Jianlin Yuan, Changsheng Chen


With the aim of investigating the ability and possible mechanism of Chinese medicine Jinkuishenqiwan pills to inhibit the spermatgoenic arrest infertile, 100 mature male rats were randomly divided into five groups: normal control group, model group, test group treated with high dosage of Jinkuishenqiwan pills, test group treated with middle dosage of Jinkuishenqiwan pills, and test group treated with low dosage of Jinkuishenqiwan pills. Except the normal group, the other four groups were made into model of kidney-yang deficiency by injecting hydrocortisone. Simultaneously, the treatment of Jinkuishenqiwan pills was also irrigated into the stomachs of the three treated groups. After 30 days,the concentration of testosterone, the sperm density and the motility rate of sperm were examined, the microstructure of testicle was observed by optical microscope. Results showed that Jinkuishenqiwan pills can inhibit the spermatgoenic arrest infertile, there exists statistical difference between test group and the model group (P<0.05). In conclusion: Chinese medicine Jinkuishenqiwan pills may have a certain therapeutic effects on the rats with kidney-yang deficiency.