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  • Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of (E)-3-((5-bromo-2-hydroxy-3-methoxycyclohexa-1,3-dienyl)methyleneamino)-6-(hydroxymethyl)-tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2,4,5-triol

    Solomon Tadesse, Yelda Bingöl Alpaslan, Mustafa Yıldız, Hüseyin Ünver, Kadir Aslan


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  • Crystallization of Lysozyme on Metal Surfaces Using a Monomode Microwave System

    Kevin Mauge-Lewis, Brittney Gordon, Fareeha Syed, Saarah Syed, Enock Bonyi, Muzaffer Mohammed, Eric A. Toth, Dereje Seifu, Kadir Aslan


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  • Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of Polyamide Hexaglycol by Dispersion of TiO2 Nanofiller

    Sabah Mohammed Mlkat Al-Mutoki, Baydaa Abdul-Hassan Khalaf Al-Ghzawi, Emad Abbas Jaffar Al-Mulla, Samer AbdulAmohsin


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  • Research Article

    Artificial Neural Network Optimization of a Carbon Paste Electrode for the Detection of Zinc Ions

    Rimal Isaac, Praseetha Prabhakaran


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  • Research Article

    Bactericidal and Cytotoxic Properties of Silver Nanoparticle Synthesized from Root Extract of Asparagus Racemosus

    Kalyani Khanra, Sudipta Panja, Indranil Choudhuri, Anindita Chakraborty, Nandan Bhattacharyya


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  • Research Article

    Quantum Dot Conjugated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery and Imaging

    Indu Venugopal, Sebastian Pernal, Taylor Fusinatto, David Ashkenaz, Andreas Linninger


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  • Research Article

    Antibacterial and Catalytic Efficacy of Biosynthesized Silver Nanoparticles Using Marine Seaweed Padina Tetrasromatica

    Kaithavelikkakath Francis Princy, Sarasan Manomi, Rosamma Philip, Anu Gopinath


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  • Research Article

    Electrochemical Study of Pb(II) in Present of Each Ascorbic Acid, Glucose, Urea and Uric Acid Using Blood Medium as an Electrolyte

    Muhammed Mizher Radhi, Ali Abdulabbas Abdullah Albakry, Amani Mohammad Jassim, Sura Ali Alassady, Emad A, Jaffar Al-Mulla


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  • Research Article

    Plant Mediated Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Tecomella undulata Leaf Extract and Their Characterization

    Sadhan Kumar Chaudhuri, Shivani Chandela, Lalit Malodia


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  • Research Article

    Facial Gesture Measurement Using Optical Muscle Sensing System

    Kriengsak Yothapakdee, Preecha P.Yupapin, Kreangsak Tamee


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