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  • Research Article

    Piperine Loaded Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles: Development, Characterisation and Biomedical Application

    Ahmed Talib Yassen, Khalisa K. Khudair, Mrwaa Abdul Muhsien Hassan


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  • Research Article

    Preparation of Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles and Study Its Loaded With Recombinant Human Erythropoietin alfa Drug

    Fatin Fadhel Mohammed Al-Kazazz, Shaimaa Hamed Jaber, Asma Hadi Mohammed, Amer Hasan Abdullah, Mustafa M.Kadhim, Ameer Radhi Sultan


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  • Research Article

    RNAi Degrades Spike Protein Gene Transcripts of the SARS-CoV-2 for Developing Drugs to Treat of COVID-19

    Weiwei Zhang, Linjia Huang, Jumei Huang, Xin Jiang, Xiaohong Ren, Xiaojie Shi, Ling Ye, Shuhui Bian, Jianhe Sun, Yufeng Gao, Zehua Hu, Lintin Guo, Suyan Chen, Jiahao Xu, Jie Wu, Jiwen Zhang, Daxiang Cui, Fangping Dai


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  • Research Article

    Nano Cinnamon: A Study in Human Blood Medium Using Cyclic Voltammetry on Glassy Carbon Electrode (GCE)

    Muhammed Mizher Radhi, Anfal Ismael Ibrahim, Majid Sakhi Jabir, Emad Abbas Jaffar Al-Mulla, Wisam Hindawi Hoidy


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  • Research Article

    A Molecular Dynamic Approach to a Theory on the Dynamical Behaviour of HIV (3LPU Protein) - Water Molecules Interactions in Atomic Structures

    Zahra Karimi, Shokoufeh Heydaripour, Rozita Farhadi, Bita Farhadi, Fariba Karami Moghadam, Mohammad Omidi


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  • Research Article

    The Anti-proliferative Activity of Factory Wastes Nanoparticles against Uterus Cancer Cells: In-vitro Study

    Nadia Jasim Ghdeeb, Asmaa Hadi Mohammed, Aseel Mustafa Abdul Majeed


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  • Research Article

    DFT-Quantum Chemical and Experimental Studies of a New 2-(Substituted Thio) Furan as a Corrosion Inhibitor in Acidic Media

    Israa M. H. Al-Mousawi, Noor Ali Khudhair, Lama S. Ahmed


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  • Research Article

    Dual Degradation of Hexavalent Chromium (VI) and Cotton Blue Dye by Reduced and PVP-capped Silver Nanoparticles Using Fruit Extract of Ficus carica

    Rama Jyothi Narjala, Susmila Aparna Gaddam, Sangeeta C. Casimeer, Siva Gayathri Velakanti, Ramamurthy Nadipi, Vishali Batyala, Lakshmi Narayana Suvarapu, Venkata Subbaiah Kotakadi


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  • Research Article

    Morphological, Optical, Electrical Characterizations and Anti- Escherichia coli Bacterial Efficiency (AECBE) of PVA/PAAm/PEO Polymer Blend Doped with Silver NPs  

    Karar Abdali, Khalid Haneen Abass, Ehssan Al-Bermany, Enas M. Al-robayi, Ashraq M. Kadim


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  • Research Article

    Metals Concentrations in Blood and Urine Measured Using a New Nano Metals Oxide Electrode

    Emad Salaam Abood


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