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  • Review

    Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Flakes from Graphite by Using Biosurfactant - A Review

    Praseetha Prabhakaran Kala, Fathima Mushrifa Anwar-Samath


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  • Research Article

    Stability of Anticancer Drug 5-Fluorouracil in Aqueous Solution: An Assessment of Kinetic Behavior

    Razzaq Abd Al-Zahra Ibrahim, Falah Shareef Abed Suhail, Hussein Kadhem Al-Hakeim


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  • Research Article

    A Voltammetric Properties of Biopolymer Nano-Composites Based Polybutylene Succinate/Epoxidized Palm Oil

    Manar Ghyath Abd-Almutalib Al-Mosawy, Emad Abbas Jaffar Al-Mulla, Muhammed Mizher Radhi


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  • Research Article

    MIF-173G>C Polymorphism and Susceptibility to Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Iraq

    Hasan Raheem Khudhur, Ghada Basil Alomashi


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  • Research Article

    Synthesis and Biological Screening of the Gold Complex as Anticancer and Some Transition Metal Complexes with New Heterocyclic Ligand Derived from 4-Amino Antipyrine

    Layla Ali Mohammed, Raheem Tahir Mehdi, Abid Allah Mohammed Ali


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  • Research Article

    Hepatitis C Virus Core Protein Increases Expression of DR4 and DR5 in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

    Janelle Guy, Lechi Nwanegwo, Emmanuella Sobo, Kadir Aslan


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  • Research Article

    Saffron in KCl Mediated by Glassy Carbon Electrode Using Cyclic Voltammetry

    Muhammed Mizher Radhi, Lamyaa Abd Alrahman Jawad, Emad Abbas Jaffar Al-Mulla


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  • Research Article

    Preparation and Characterization of Naproxen Loaded Niosomes by Ether Injection Method

    Abbaraju Krishna Sailaja, Marneni Shreya


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  • Research Article

    Extracellular Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Fungi and Their Antibacterial Activity

    Paula Sanguiñedo, Raluca María Fratila, María Belén Estevez, Jesús Martínez de la Fuente, Valeria Grazú, and Silvana Alborés


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  • Research Article

    Performance Improvement of Working Electrode Using Grafted Polymer Modified with SiO2 Nanoparticles

    Muhammed Mizher Radhi, Ahmed Ali Moosa, Ishraq Abd-Alkareem Khalaf


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