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  • Review

    Spectroscopic Methods for Analysis of Nano Drug Distribution System

    Hesham Salem, Fatma Abo Elsoud, Ahmed Magdy, Dina Heshmat, Ahmed Abdelkareem Soliman, Kerolos Wissa, Kareem Hassan, Rania Abdelrady


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  • Research Article

    Determination of the Gene Polymorphisms of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha and Interleukin-10 in Coronary Artery Disease Patients in Iraq

    Abbas Ali Menshed, Hasan Khudhur, Luma Hakem Ali


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  • Research Article

    Inspection of the Spark Plug Effect NGK Nanoparticle on the Dielectric Properties of Filled Polyvinyl Chloride Paste Resin

    Abdullah Hussein, Tahseen Alaridhee, Forat Yasir AlJaberi


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  • Research Article

    Spectrophotometric Determination of Cobalt(II) and Lead(II) Using (1,5-Dimethyl-2-Phenyl-4-((2,3,4-Trihydroxy Phenyl) Diazenyl)-1H-Pyrazol-3(2H)-One) as Organic Reagent: Using It as Antimicrobial and Antioxidants

    Shaimaa Mohsen. Essa, Wisam Hindawi Hoidy


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  • Research Article

    Molecular Study of Colibacillosis Susceptibility in Calves and Lambs

    Hawraa Judi, Rawaa Judi, Abdul-Kareem Saqban


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  • Research Article

    Use of MgCl2 Nanoparticles as Alternative Contrast Media in Magnatic Resonance Imaging Molecular Imaging and Analyzed by Voltammetric Technique


    Dunya Ali Mustafa, Haydar Abdulkadeer Taheer Al-Shimmari, Muhammed Mizher Radhi


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  • Research Article

    Nanoscale Synthesis of Metal(II) Theophylline Complexes and Assessment of Their Biological Activity

    Ahmad Hussein Ismail, Hassanain Kamil Al-Bairmani, Zainab Sabri Abbas, Ahmed Mahdi Rheima


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  • Research Article

    Probabilistic Neural Network Based Fatigue Level Classification Using Electrocardiogram High Frequency Band and Average Heart Beat

    Mousa Kadhim Wali


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  • Research Article

    Fast Colorimetric Method for the Detection of Captagon Based on a General Sensor Design Involving Aptamers and Gold Nanoparticles

    Abbas Alfadly, Ali Abdulwahid, Afrodet Saleh


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  • Research Article

    In-vivo Toxicological (Acute) Characterization of Bio-synthesized Silver Nanoparticles in Labeo rohita

    Jayaraju Jeyasree, Giridharan Bupesh, Sakthivel Vasanth, Joseph Pinto Jasmine Beulah, Kanniayah Pandian, Arumugam Vijaya Anand, Tharumasivam Shiva Vijayakumar, Lakshmi Narayanan


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