Preparation and characterization of near-infrared region absorption enhancer carbon nanotubes hybridmaterials

Peng Huang, Chunlei Zhang, Cheng Xu, Le Bao, Zhiming Li


This paper describes a simple strategy for covalently attaching silica-coated gold nanorods (sGNRs) onto the surface of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNT) to fabricate hybrid nanostructures. The crosslinked reaction occurs through interaction of carboxyl groups on the MWNT with the amino silane coupling agent modified sGNRs. TEM, FT-IR spectroscopy, UV-vis spectroscopy, and Zeta potential analysis have been used to study the formation of MWNT/sGNRs nanostructure. Furthermore, MWNT/sGNRs hybrid material shows an excellent solubility in aqueous solution and an enhanced absorption in the near-infrared region. It should open up new possibilities in nanomedicine as multimodal photoacoustic and photothermal high-contrat molecular agent.

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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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