Synergetic Antibacterial Effects of Silver Nanoparticles@Aloe Vera Prepared via a Green Method

Yixia Zhang, Dapeng Yang, Yifei Kong, Xiansong Wang, Omar Pandoli, Guo Gao


Aloe Vera-conjugated Ag nanoparticles (AgNPs@AV hybrids) are synthesized in large quantities by reducing silver nitrate with Aloe Vera pulp extract at room temperature. TEM image reveals that these NPs are predominantly spherical with an average of 25 nm in diameter. The crystal structure of AgNPs@AV is determined by XRD. The cytotoxicity of AgNPs@AV hybrids is detected by carrying out the cell viability measurement on Human Dermal Fibroblasts (HDF) cells, the results show that no obvious cytotoxicity is observed. Compared with Vera gel and Ag NPs (washed from Vera gel) alone, AgNPs@AV hybrids possess more excellent antibacterial activity on E. coli even at very low concentration.

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