Facial Gesture Measurement Using Optical Muscle Sensing System

Kriengsak Yothapakdee, Preecha P.Yupapin, Kreangsak Tamee



A PANDA ring resonator circuit has been applied to the measurement of muscle actions, measuringsignals created by facial muscle contractions. A system, which is called the Optical Muscle SensingSystem, was developed which uses sensors to measure the mechanism of facial muscle contractionsand the strength of contraction and degrees of perturbation of the facial muscles that are used directlyfor each facial gesture. The signal data was obtained from the simulation of the facial gestures andthis data was applied in the classification of the facial gesture signals of each particular gesture. Facialgestures include blinking, smiling, grimacing and various other contortions of the face which mayimply emotions and are part of normal human communication. Understanding of these mechanismswill be useful and applicable to facial rehabilitation services.


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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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