Smartphone-Based Fluorescent Diagnostic System for Immunochromatographic Chip

Yafei Hou, Kan Wang, Mengdi Yang, Weijian Qin, Kun Xiao, Wenqiang Yan


In order to achieve fast and quantitative detection of fluorescence immunochromatographic chip, a rapid detection system based on smartphone has been developed. In this system, fluorescent signal from quantum dots (QDs) on lateral flow test strips (LFTSs) can be accurately extracted, and the system also can calculate the concentration of the analyte. The method of extraction and recognition of fluorescence signal intensity can be applied to different fluorescent chip detection systems. Based on the fluorescence tomography chip image, a specific program is used for image acquisition, processing and data handling. The Sobel operator algorithm was used in the software,which improved greatly the ability of distinguishing between the test area and the background boundary information. Extracting the components from the red format of the fluorescent strips,the high-signal intensity and sensitivity were achieved. The simulation results show that the proposed method can be applied to the detection system of fluorescence immunochromatographic chip. The experimental results show that the signal intensity has a good correlation with the concentration of immunoassay, which indicates the detection system can extract the intensity of fluorescence signal of the chip.

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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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