Formulation of Mefenamic Acid Loaded Ethosomal Gel by Hot and Cold Methods

Regunta Supraja, Abbaraju Krishna Sailaja


The aim of the present study is the formulation of mefenamic acid ethosomal gel by hot and cold methods. To prepare the mefenamic acid transdermal gel, ethosomes was selected as colloidal carriers. Ethosomes were prepared by cold and hot methods. The obtained ethosomes were characterized with vesicular diameter, zeta potential, drug content, entrapment efficiency and in-vitro diffusion studies. The five formulations of ethosomes prepared by cold and hot methods were compared. Among the 10 formulations of ethosomes, E5 was considered as the best formulation because of its mean vesicular diameter of 854 nm, zeta potential of 20 mV, drug content of 96.3%, entrapment efficiency of 94.4%, sustained drug release for 12 hr, i.e. 94.4. Then the E5 formulations was incorporated into gel. A comparative study was made between the plain gel and the  ethosomal gel. The Ethosomal gel was considered the best because of its highest drug content spreadability , pH (6.9) and the sustained drug release profile for 12 hr. By comparison, the cold method shows better results.

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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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