Nano-Assembly Small Molecule Probe - New Horizon for Molecular Imaging

Baozhong Shen


Molecular imaging allows the biological processes taking place in the body to be viewed at a cellular and molecular level. Molecular imaging probe is used to visualize, characterize and quantify the processes. Nano-assembly small molecule probe provides an attractive means to precisely engineer nanomedicine with distinct biophysicochemical properties and simplify the optimization of formulation, which is an emerging and promising area that can integrate the advantages of the two kinds of molecular imaging probes with high loading capacity, effective signal amplification, preferable clearance, etc. Herein, we review main advances such as small molecules self-assembly into nanoprobes, its development and application, including fluorescent, magnetic resonance imaging, and nuclide marker labeled nano-assembly small molecules probes, as well as “smart” probes of this kind and their applications in molecular imaging.

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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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