Inspection of the Spark Plug Effect NGK Nanoparticle on the Dielectric Properties of Filled Polyvinyl Chloride Paste Resin

Abdullah Hussein, Tahseen Alaridhee, Forat Yasir AlJaberi


In this study, the investigation of the use of polyvinyl chloride-paste (PVC-P) composites which contained spark plug aluminum silicate nanoparticles (NGK-NPs) for different insulation applications was carried out. The spark plug NGK-NPs acted as a matrix for the aluminum silicate nanoparticle powder. We analyzed the dielectric properties of the PVC-P / NGK-NPs composite material for the function of its filler content, temperature and frequency. We also studied the AC conductivity and impedance of the composite. Results indicated that the dielectric loss, dielectric constant and the loss tangent of the composites increased with an increase in the NGK-NPs filler content.

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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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