Zn, Cu and Mn Determination by Metals Oxide Nanoparticles Mix Ions Selective Carbon Past Electrode Industrialization and Cyclic Voltammetry Application Study

Emad Salaam Abood



A new modified ion selective electrode with carbon and metal oxide nanoparticles to increase sensitivity and selectivity to measure the trace concentration of heavy elements in solutions and pharmaceutical compounds.by preparing the Nano-oxides of ZnO, CuO and MnO2 using a hydrothermal method. The temperature and pH of the electrode studied to select the best conditions. Where the voltmogram recorded a single signal in relation to the oxidation and reduction process of the zinc element by a reversable mechanism rever to one electron transmission and a quasi-reversable signal for the copper element, and irreversible signal for the manganese element resulting from the transmission of two electrons. The thermodynamic and kinetic factors were also studied and finally the standard mixture of the elements salt was detection to electrode sensitivity mutation the result show the new electrode can distinguish between the signals produced by the oxidation and reduction process of the three elements as the same time with three deferent peaks for oxidation and two peaks of redaction.

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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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