Effect of Adding Different Concentrations of CaCO3-SiO2 Nanoparticles on Tear Strength and Hardness of Maxillofacial Silicone Elastomers

Manar Al-Samaray, Humam Al-Somaiday, Aula Kamal Rafeeq



The service life of a facial prosthesis is about six months as a result of the impairment in its mechanical or physical properties; thus, introducing a new reinforced maxillofacial silicone material can help in fabricating a long service life prosthesis that eliminates the burden for the patients both financially and psychologically. In this study, forty samples were fabricated by adding different concentrations of CaCO3-SiO2 nanoparticles composite to maxillofacial silicone elastomer. These samples were divided into four groups, each one containing ten samples according to the concentration of the fillers (0%,1%,2%, and 3%). All samples were tested for tear strength and hardness tests. The study results show that CaCO3-SiO2 nanoparticles composite has a significant effect on both conducted tests. It can be concluded that reinforcing the silicone matrix with 2% CaCO3-SiO2 nanoparticles composite can improve the tear strength of the tested silicone and increase its hardness.

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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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