The Fundamentals and Recent Applications of Micellar System Extraction for Nanoparticles and Bioactive Molecules: A Review

Ebaa Adnan Azooz, Rana Kadhim Ridha, Hawraa Ali Abdulridha



This review includes the fundamentals and applications of the micellar system extraction technique (MSE) to isolate and preconcentrate nanoparticles and bioactive molecules (medicines and vitamins) since they play a significant role in human life. The MSE, like any pre-concentration process, extracts the analytes in a small phase from the large solution to improve analysis quality and remove sample background interference. The MSE has several advantages over other pre-concentration and separation methods, such as speed, cheapness, security, selectivity, and safety. The use of toxic organic solvents is reduced or ignored, and the process is thus referred to as an economic and environmental method. Hence, the major factors of the MSE and applications are offered. In the latest works of literature, nanomaterials were used by three procedures, while the bioactive molecules were used by the two methods with MSE, and this review also provided newly-developed methods.


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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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