DFT-Quantum Chemical and Experimental Studies of a New 2-(Substituted Thio) Furan as a Corrosion Inhibitor in Acidic Media

Israa M. H. Al-Mousawi, Noor Ali Khudhair, Lama S. Ahmed



The corrosion inhibiting properties of the new furan derivative 5-(furan-2-ylmethylsulfonyl-4-phenyl-2,4- dihydro [1,2,4] triazole-3-thione in acidic solution (1.0 M HCl) were explored utilizing electrochemical, surface morphology (AFM), and quantum chemical calculations approaches. The novel furan derivative 5-(furan-2-ylmethylsulfonyl-4-phenyl-2,4- dihydro [1,2,4] triazole-3-thione shows with an inhibitory efficiency value of 99.4 percent at 150 ppm, carbon steel corrosion in acidic medium is effectively inhibited, according to the results. The influence of temperature on corrosion prevention was studied using adsorption parameters and activation thermodynamics. The novel furan derivative creates a protective layer over the metallic surface that separates the metal from harsh acid solution and thereby protects it from destructive disintegration, according to the AFM study. The experimental findings are supported by the theoretical method of density functional theory (DFT) at the B3LYP/6-311 ++G basis set for inhibitor.

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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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