Influence of Copper and Zinc Doping on Optical Properties of Nano Nickel Oxide Films Deposited by Sol-Gel Method

Ameera J. Kadhm, Israa Akram Abbas



In this study, nano films of pure NiO and films doped with zinc and copper concertation (1%, 3%, 5%) and their mixture for 5% under 100nm thickness were generated on glass bases using the sol-gel process at a temperature of 298K. The Cu, Zn-doped NiO and nano NiO optical characteristics were examined throughout a wavelength range of 300 to 800 nm, with high transmittance values of 94% in the Vis-NIR. Transmittance films after doped copper and zinc have dropped to 5% (91% and 92%), respectively. The index of refraction, coefficient of extinction, optical conductivity and the dielctric constants (real and imaginary) were also studied. The results show that the optical conductivity of NiO⁚Zn and NiO⁚Cu films increased at the room temperature with increasing the dopant concentrations.

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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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