Preparation and Characterization of Naproxen Loaded Niosomes by Ether Injection Method

Abbaraju Krishna Sailaja, Marneni Shreya



The objective of the present research was to prepare and characterize naproxen loaded niosomes by ether injection method. A total of sixteen formulations were prepared by ether injection method by varying the type and concentration of surfactant. All the formulations were evaluated for drug content, entrapment efficiency, loading capacity and drug release profiles. Based on evaluation parameters, formulation E14 prepared by ether injection method showed entrapment efficiency of 95.86%, drug content of 94.9% , zeta potential value of -31.9 mV, suggesting its higher stability and particle diameter of about 393.9 nm. In-vitro release studies also showed that of all the formulations, E14 released about 88.9% by the end of 12 hours, showing a sustained release pattern with high amount of drug release when compared to the other formulations. Drug release kinetic studies of optimized formulation (E14) followed zero order release with R2 value of 0.987 and showed super case 2 transport mechanism. Based on the results, tween 80 with 1:1 ratio of drug to surfactant was considered as the best formulation for the preparation of naproxen loaded niosomes by ether injection method.

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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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